Parking space management with minimal overhead

This was the final deliverable for a computer architecture class. We were asked to design an IOT product that would solve a specific problem, and the greatest threat to any Monterey Bay student in 2018 was finding a parking spot on-time for class.

We acknowledged the fact that all the university parking lots were in open-air and had proximity to the school's WiFi. Therefore, we created an IOT-connected sensor to detect open parking spaces, and report needed parking spaces to students. This device only requires WiFi access points to operate, and can be placed at the end of any parking spot. All the software needed can be run in on-demand compute services for a minimal cost. I ended up providing the IOT glue for the device, the frontend webapp, and orchestrated the backend services to demonstrate sending parking updates to students.

Date: 2018-10-01 Mon 00:00

Created: 2024-04-08 Mon 17:19